Successful Partnerships

CSC has many partnerships which are beneficial to all involved. The partners are typically a client who is blind or has low vision, a doctor, a company, an outside agency, and CSC. We bring our expertise to facilitate success and create positive outcomes for all. Two examples of this successful partnership are with our Low Vision Clinic and Call Center.

  • CSC has over 130 Northeast Ohio referring Ophthalmologists. During Fiscal Year 2014 they referred 1,500 patients to us! We help bridge the gap in care between their in-office treatments so they can continue to live independently using their remaining vision. Our Clinic is outfitted with specialized equipment and staffed with three Doctors of Optometry with an expertise in Low Vision and two Licensed Opticians. Patients also have benefit of services from a Licensed Occupational Therapist skilled in serving seniors who have vision loss.
  • State agencies with call center needs and local employers who need skilled workers have approached CSC for help. We provide a variety of workplace training for clients who are blind or have low vision. During Fiscal Year 2014, our Call Center experienced remarkable growth with over 325,000 inbound calls answered by our trained customer service representatives. Some clients stay as CSC employees working to fulfill contracts with Ohio’s Tourism info line (1-800-BUCKEYE) and the Ohio Departments of Education and Health. In recent years, other clients have accepted jobs with Marriott Global Reservations, Target, Cleveland Indians and the Internal Revenue Service. To learn more about partnering with us, call 216-791-8118.