Low Vision Clinic Corner: Blue Light

Blue Light!

Do you spend a lot of time on a computer, smartphone or tablet?  More and more studies are finding that blue light emitted from digital devices are not only bad for your eyes (eyestrain, headaches and unknown damage from long term exposure), but can affect your sleep cycles or circadian rhythm.  

In simple terms, blue light retards your melatonin production. The blue light present in sunlight essentially keeps you up during the day and when the sun goes down your melatonin levels go up and you feel sleepy. Along came computers and those smartphones and the natural sleep process is interrupted.

How to protect? The easiest thing is to turn off the devices 2-4 hours before bed. Some smartphones have a nighttime setting or apps to ease the brightness although how much light is filtered is unknown.  For monitors blue light filters that fit over the screen can be purchased.  There are eyeglass lenses specially designed to filter out blue light, prescription and non-prescription, as well as gaming glasses that do the same thing. CSC’s Eyedea Shop sells computer fitovers as well.

There are still a lot of questions about blue light and its effects, however don’t give up the electronics and go off the grid. Just keep in mind that if you’re having problems sleeping or noticing a change in vision or mood after too much time in front of a screen, take the time to ask yourself about maybe getting a blue light filter of some sort, or seeing an eye doctor.

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