Interview with Bill Smith, Call Center Customer Service Representative

1.       Why do you work for Cleveland Sight Center’s Call Center?

I have the privilege of working at CSC, and I do not say that in jest!

I was offered my position here during a very low point, and it has been a source of strength, and something I've come to rely upon. This job has been one of the things that have helped to pull me out of a difficult season in my life. Being legally blind, and unable to drive, I get a tremendous sense of relief and pride to have a Work From Home position that not only pays well, but also gives me a sense of satisfaction on a personal level.  Additionally, working at home forwards me the security of knowing I will be able to work regularly without the additional stress of arranging rides to and from the office every day. 

2.       What was it like when you first started working for the department?

Initially it was a bit overwhelming. However, once I met the managerial staff and my co-workers, the nervousness started to dissipate. The training was great, as my trainers were very friendly, patient, and were with me every step of the way.  

3.       What do you like most about your work?

I enjoy the camaraderie with my colleagues and managerial staff. There are always various contests and events to participate in, which is fun. However, I mostly enjoy working from home. I mean, I get to wear PJ's to work every day, who wouldn't like that?! 

4.       Tell me about your co-workers.

My colleagues are great! I've never had the pleasure of working with so many quality individuals. The team that has been assembled at CSC is courteous and thoughtful. They made me feel welcomed from the very moment I stepped on to campus, and it has done nothing but continue and strengthen.

5.       What is management in the Call Center like?

I can't say enough good things about the management at CSC. They are compassionate and thorough. The biggest evidence to me is the quality of the staff. Incredible people are drawn together, and that is precisely what has happened here at CSC. Everyone on the management team is approachable, considerate, and willing to roll up their sleeve and lend a hand. It is remarkable!  

6.       What do you think our customers are saying about us?

I hope they would say they felt well taken care of, and empathized with. There are some challenging moments, but I have to believe they generally walk away feeling like they had the best experience possible!