Programs & Services

Cleveland Sight Center offers programs and services that are designed to enhance the independence, education, career and support opportunities for those with vision loss and their caregivers. Through these programs, CSC’s dedicated staff helps clients achieve ambitions, reach goals and thrive in the world today. These opportunities are available to those of all ages and are developed to fulfill the specific needs of each target audience.

See what's possible at CSC for clients of all ages who are blind or experiencing vision loss below:


Independent Living Services

CSC provides services to assist those who are blind live independently. These services range from navigating around the home to cooking to laundry.  In addition, services are available to enhance how partial or remaining vision can be used effectively with various low and high technology aids to improve self-sufficiency. CSC offers programs for those transitioning into adulthood and for adults and seniors experiencing vision loss.

Educational Programs

CSC delivers superior services for students in Northeast Ohio who are blind or have low vision. CSC offers school districts collegial assistance for teaching staff, parental support and other educational resources and assistance. CSC also provides specialized education to preschool children at Bright Futures Preschool, located at CSC’s headquarters.

Career Opportunities

The organization offers comprehensive employment services that prepare teens and adults to enter the workforce, work with sighted coworkers or return to a job after experiencing vision loss. The career preparation programs include employment training and on-the-job support.

Support Programs

CSC staff understands the hardship and fear associated with vision loss. CSC offers support programs to those experiencing vision loss and their families. During these sessions, clients and volunteers meet regularly to share experiences, insights and the special camaraderie of those who have lost vision.

Summer Activities

CSC offers summer programs to children, teenagers and young adults to keep them busy, engaged and continued learning during the summer months.

Bright Futures Summer Day Camp (preschool ages)

ABCs Summer Day Camp (ages 5 - 8)

Career Exploration program (ages 14 - 16)  

Summer Youth Work Experience program (ages 16 - 22)  

Camp Sessions at Highbrook Lodge (all ages)