Call Center Training

All Call Center employees receive a combination of computer and telephone service skills to produce quality customer service via the Call Center Training Program.

Call Center Training Program Overview

The Call Center Training Program helps clients build their resumes, skills, confidence and improve their ability to find employment in a call center or customer service position.  Cleveland Sight Center designs an individual package of assistive technologies that will minimize the impact of their particular vision loss. The training focuses on “Employment in a Call Center,” “Telephone Service Skills,” and “Quality Customer Service” via:

  • Assistive technology and computer skills evaluation
  • Vocational testing
  • Job development
  • Worksite accommodation assessment
  • Job placement
  • Computer training
  • Call center training
  • Online training
  • Worksite setup
  • Follow-up support

Each call center trainee also receives 2 weeks of hands-on work experience, giving graduates various performance references.

Contact Susie Meles at 216-791-8118 ext. 8747 or for more information about the Call Center training program.