Registration Information

Registration for Summer 2018 is coming in February!

Thank you for your interest in Highbrook Lodge! Many campers near and far return year after year to experience all our camp has to offer! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to spend part of your summer with us! Applications are accepted on a first-come, first -serve basis, pending approval by our Camp Manager. We encourage you to apply sooner, rather than later, to help ensure your camper a spot!


Required forms for Family Camp: Family Camp Application             

Required forms for Kids, Tweens, Teens, Young Adult & Adult Campers: Camper Application, Health History Form, Physician’s Exam Form 

Application Process

Step 1: Review our camp schedule and find the perfect session for you, your camper or your family! 

Step 2: Request an Application Packet from our Camp Team or download them now (Camper Application or Family Camp Application). 

Step 3: Fill out the application packet COMPLETELY! The more we know about you or your camper the better able we are to support them while at camp and make Highbrook Lodge an experience that won’t be forgotten! Incomplete packets will be returned. If you have questions about the packet please call our Camp Team at 216-791-8118 ext. 4596.

Step 4: Submit your application packet to our business address alongside your application fee (at a minimum). Applications will not be processed until receipt of both the application and application fee (or third party intent-to-pay letter). Application packets may be returned via postal mail, fax or email. 

Cleveland Sight Center
ATTN: Highbrook Lodge
1909 E. 101st St.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Step 5: Upon receipt of your completed application packet and application fee, our Camp Team will review your paperwork and let you know in writing that you, your camper or your family has been registered for camp. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Step 6: Ensure both medical forms (Health History and Physician's Exam) are completed and submit to Cleveland Sight Center no less than two weeks before your camp session (does not apply for Family Camp attendees).

Step 7: You will be invoiced for the remainder of your camp fee balance! You may pay by check, in person at the Eyedea Shop (inside Cleveland Sight Center) or by credit card by calling 216-791-8118 ext. 4666.



Transportation is available for adult sessions from Cleveland Sight Center to/from Highbrook Lodge. Please be sure to check our brochure and application packet for transportation availability and cost.

If needed, transportation is also available for adult sessions to/from your home address to CSC. This service is only available for individuals living in Cuyahoga County. Additional fees apply.

Campers utilizing these additional transportation options should arrive to CSC no less than two hours before the listed "arrive to camp" time on the first day of camp. The bus will return to CSC after the listed "depart camp" time on the last day of camp. Refer to the brochure for listed times.