Camp Schedule


We offer ADULT seasonal camps in addition to our summer schedule. Seasonal camps are much like our summer sessions, except condensed into a wonderful weekend with activities based around the season!


Our summer camp schedule is full of opportunities for children, adults and families alike to enjoy Highbrook Lodge. We offer weeklong, weekend, and day trips to accommodate most individuals’ needs.


Our daily schedule is exciting, structured, and active!  Below is a sample of what you or your camper’s daily schedule may look like.

For our kid and tween sessions campers move from activity to activity with their cabin groups.

Teenagers have the opportunity to select their activities. Up to twice a day we offer multiple options during activity periods so they are able to attend the activity that interests them the most. 

Adult session activities are completely choice-based.

Family camp daily schedules involve both family-based activities and child- or adult- specific activities.

The last 10 minutes of every activity period consists of what we call “rejuvenation." During this time we encourage campers to drink water, reapply sunscreen, and take a small break before their next activity.

7:00am     Camper Wake Up

7:50am     Flagpole

8:00am     Breakfast

8:30am     Morning Activity                 

9:00am     Music & Drama

10:00am   Nature

11:00am   Sports & Recreation

12:00pm   Lunch

12:45pm   Rest Time

2:00pm     Arts & Crafts

3:00pm     Outdoor Living

4:00pm     Open Swim        

5:20pm     Flagpole

5:30pm     Dinner

6:15pm     Outdoor Bowling

7:00pm     All Camp Evening Activity

8:30pm     Campfire –  Songs, Skits &  More!

9:00pm     Prepare for Bed

9:30pm     Lights Out!