Every Family Has a Story

Our story begins

It was Alyson’s third pregnancy and by all accounts everything was going well. The baby’s two older brothers were anxiously waiting to welcome him into the family.  

Shortly after Owen’s birth though, we noticed that his eyes looked cloudy and after several tests, we learned that he had Primary Aphakia – the lenses of his eyes were missing – he was blind and there was no cure. We were shocked. We were scared. We had so many questions. How will we raise him? How will he learn? What will the future hold for him? What can he be when he grows up? We didn’t know what to do or where to turn for help.

Our story continues

We quickly learned that we were not alone – we had Cleveland Sight Center (CSC). Brenda, an Early Intervention Specialist from CSC, entered our lives when Owen was just a few weeks old and taught us how to begin to unlock his limitless potential. She and Cleveland Sight Center have been there for us with each new milestone and challenge.

Owen is now 19 months old and because of your support, is an active, energetic kid on the move. He loves to laugh and play. He learns so fast and is always exploring the world around him. We now feel equipped to raise our special boy and to be his advocates as he grows. We still have questions every day, but doesn’t any family? We know that with Cleveland Sight Center’s help and support he will go to school with his brothers when the time comes, and even go on to college. We know he can be anything he wants to be and someday he will have a career, a home, a family of his own…just like anyone else.

Please be part of our story

Cleveland Sight Center has become a Partner for Life to our family and will continue to be there for us and for others who have their own story. Your donation to Cleveland Sight Center will be an investment in the future of those who are blind or have low vision.

You can make a difference. Please make your donation to the 2018 Annual Appeal today.


The Schoff Family
John, Alyson, Emmett, Julian and Owen

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