The dedicated staff of Cleveland Sight Center identifies the need for clients to learn Braille. Many people who are blind or have low vision have never had the opportunity to learn to read Braille, a skill set which contributes to greater independence. With a strong foundation in Braille, a person with vision loss will have the tools to handle the hurdles that may come about in their day-to-day interactions with education, employment and daily living.

Classes are taught in small group sessions with students of similar Braille backgrounds, ranging from beginners to advanced skill levels. These popular classes are taught by a qualified instructor where students spend one hour, twice a week learning and reviewing Braille skills. 

For those interested in learning how to read Braille, please contact Susie Meles at 216-791-8118 ext. 8747 or


Braille, Large Print, and Tactile Images

All braille transcription is done by Library of Congress certified Braille Transcriptionists. We transcribe books (including text books), legal documents, and other printed materials as requested.

Braille formats include: English (BANA and UEB), Spanish, Latin, and Nemeth braille. Tactile graphics are produced via PIAF or Thermoform. Clear adhesive labels are able to be created for use around the house or office. CSC is proud to offer a unique Braille and Print combination, the final document has not only braille but also the corresponding print on each page.

Large print requests are in English only (ex. legal documents, letters, cards, and menus)

For more information, please contact: Jennifer Dean, Braille Production Coordinator, at 216-791-8118 ext. 7342 or