White Canes Ohio

A rule proposed by the Ohio Department of Medicaid to provide coverage of white canes as durable medical equipment was finalized on December 10, 2018, making Ohio the first state in the country to provide coverage for white canes!

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MEDICAID RULE 5160-10-30
The Medicaid rule 5160-10-30 includes coverage for ambulation aids under durable medical equipment, which previously covered canes, crutches or walkers but excluded coverage of white canes. The rule will take effect January 1, 2019, and individuals should check with local providers on availability of Medicaid eligible white canes.

Please note, for a white cane that is to be used as a mobility aid, the provider maintains documentation that the individual cannot obtain an equivalent cane free of charge (e.g., from a source such as the "Free White Cane Program" administered by the National Federation of the Blind, https://nfb.org/free-cane-program).

For more information on purchasing a white cane, click here or call CSC’s Eyedea Shop at 216-791-8118.

Ohio Sight Centers had previously advocated for coverage of white canes in House Bill 587, sponsored by Representatives Marlene Anielski (R - Walton Hills) and Darrell Kick (R - Loudonville). The bill received a number of hearings in the Ohio House while Medicaid contemplated making the change administratively.

Cleveland Sight Center has been a leader throughout this process, providing key information and proponent testimony to legislators and administrators through meetings, hearings and visits to the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus over the last two years.

This announcement is a tremendous first step toward closing the gap in insurance coverage that exists for individuals with visual impairments. Please consider a gift to support these ongoing efforts. Click here to donate and select “White Canes Ohio” as your designation.

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