Empowerment Fund

The Empowerment Fund is used to assist clients with the purchase of recommended products that they cannot afford to purchase, including aids and appliances, glasses or assistive technology. Value of the items requested may not exceed $2,500 and may be used only once per client. The Empowerment Fund can reduce the cost of products by up to 90%, leaving the client responsible for only the remaining 10%. Household income must be verified and be less than the Maximum Household Income or the Sliding Scale will be used to determine Empowerment Fund contribution. Registered CSC clients who are blind or have low vision and reside in Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Portage, Summit, Medina, or Lorain counties are eligible to apply for the Empowerment Fund until the available funds are exhausted. For more information, contact CSC’s Registration Team at 216-791-8118.

Sarah's Story:

“This gave me a new outlook on life and I knew that I could do whatever I chose to do. Cleveland Sight Center is so warm and giving and caring. Everybody wants to help you do the best that you can do with whatever you have.” When a common, diabetes-related eye disease began taking her eyesight in the prime of her life, Sarah was concerned about her options and what would come next. Because of the Empowerment Fund, which dramatically reduces the cost of assistive technology devices for clients, Sarah’s spirits have been lifted. She is able to remain independent in her home and enjoys some of her favorite activities, including reading books and magazines. “I was so happy and so thrilled that I would be able to get a Ruby handheld magnifier and take advantage of the sight I have left. It's just been a blessing is all that I can say. A true blessing.”