Make A Referral

Doctors can access the referral form here.

To Register as a New Client:

Please contact the Social Work department by calling 216-791-8118
 ext. 4685.

To Receive Services as a Registered Client call 216-791-8118 to be directed as appropriate, or contact the individuals listed below for specific program areas:


Assistive Technology
Susie Meles, Director of Empowerment - Rehabilitation Services
Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 8747 

email: Director of Empowerment - Rehabilitation Services

Highbrook Lodge

Contact: Lindsay Svarovsky, CTRS, Camp Manager

Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 4596

​email:   Camp at Highbrook Lodge  

Braille Services
Contact: Jennifer Dean
Phone: 216-791-8118 ext. 7342
email: Braille Services

Low Vision Clinic
Contact: Low Vision Clinic
 Front Desk
Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 8732
email: Low Vision Clinic

Call Center Training
Contact: Jennifer Dean
Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 7342
​email: Call Center Training

Recording Services
Contact: David McKee
Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 7353 

​email: Communication Services Media Specialist

Children and Young Adult Services
Contact: Lorie Marsalis, Administrative Assistant 

​Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 8768 

email: Children & Young Adult Services

Mollie Evans, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist 

Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 4597 
                                                email: Recreation Specialist

Eyedea Shop
Phone: 216-791-8118
, ext. 4666
Toll Free: 877-776-9563
email: Manager, Eyedea Shop 
shop online:

Social Work
Jim Hlavaty, Manager, Social Work
Phone: 216-791-8118, ext. 4678
email: Manager, Social Work

Employers/Employment Assistance for Clients
Phone: 216-791-8118